December 2016

Posted on 12/07/2016

Holiday Family Fun Night

Our Eiber Community PTA is going to have our Holiday Family Fun Night on 12-19-16 from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm.

The PTA will be providing food for all families free of charge.

In addition the PTA is going to have craft tables set up where the children can create different crafts as gifts for their families free of charge.

Please look for the sign up sheet that will be going home so we can get a count.

K Wow, we can't believe December is already here and we are at midyear benchmarks. We will be assessing your child to see how much he/she has progressed during the first part of the year. Your child should be able to identify most letter sounds and be able to write their first and last name. They should be able to write some high frequency words and be able to draw a character with a setting including five details in the setting independently.

We will be working on these learning targets in December:

Reading: I can retell a fiction story using characters names, problem/solution and put the events in sequence.

Writing: I can organize steps in a how to writing.

Math: I can identify teen numbers and tell which is more or less

Social Studies: I can place events from my life on a timeline

***Items to work with your child on at home***

Learning how to write their first and last name.

Learning how to tie their own shoes.

Learn to count 0-20 and identify the number out of sequence.

Learn to identify letter names and sounds.

Learn how to count backwards 10-0

***Dates to keep in mind***

December 15th, 2016 Holiday Literacy Night

December 22 - January 9th, 2017 Winter break

***Friendly Reminders***

  • As the weather changes, please make sure your child is dress appropriately.
  • Please make sure you send a coat or light jacket in your child's backpack.
  • Library books need to be returned the following week with their blue library bag.
  • Homework goes home on Monday returned on Friday.
  • Please make sure your child completes all their homework in pencil. Good homework habits are good work ethic habits.
  • Have your child bring a backpack to school every day.
  • Create the right atmosphere. Find a quiet comfortable place to listen to your child read. While you don’t need to build a special reading nook, it helps to ensure that, even in a busy home, there’s a quiet place for reading.
  • Keep reading aloud to your child. Don’t stop reading aloud to your child once she learns to read by herself. When you read to him/her, you let your child enjoy books that are beyond his/her independent reading level and build her vocabulary by exposing her to new words. Reading aloud is also a chance for you to model reading smoothly and with expression.

· We appreciate all the support you have given your child. Your support lets your child know how much you value their education and we can see that filter into the classroom. When they come to school and are ready to learn. Also, when they demonstrate responsibility for their own learning.

1st As the weather continues to grow colder, please make sure your child is

dressed appropriately for the cold conditions. These items might include a heavy coat, snow boots, mittens or gloves, and a hat. If you missed the recent coat drive and are in need of any of these items please give us a call. PLEASE remember to get your child to school on time. Being on time is an important skill for your child to master. Coming in late can be a disruption to your child as well as the other students. Thank you for your cooperation! In literacy, continue to retell using story elements of narrative text in a logical sequence, articulate the problem and possible solutions in stories, generate opinions to texts read aloud, and make connections between texts and their own life experiences. Additionally, students will begin to explore the main idea in fiction texts. Students will use key details to demonstrate understanding of the central message or lesson being taught within the storyline. Students are continuing to work on Addition, Subtraction and the Number System engaging in activities that focus on composing numbers up to 20 with two addends. Students are developing strategies to connect knowledge of tens and ones to the number sequence and numerals. Also, students will compare quantities in the range 1 - 99 to determine which is more or less or the same.

Have a safe and joyous Holiday season with your family!

2nd Have you noticed a slight chill in the air? The (finally) onset of winter weather are, hopefully, signs of the coming storms? As we enter the cold months, it is helpful to remind children that, although recess is short, they are expected to be able to accommodate the needs of outside play in weather where the temperature is above 32 degrees. This means digging out those coats and dusting off those snow boots.

Returning from the Thanksgiving holiday, second graders will embark on a brief journey with money and measurement. We will learn the values of coins and how to generate number strings to add the values of: pennies, nickels, and dimes. Also, we will measure and compare units of measure. When we return from our Christmas holiday, we will begin the long march through subtraction.

At of the writing of this newsletter, second graders just recently began discussing maps, the types and varieties and the features of each. We will apply our learning in the construction of a variety of maps, ensuring that the features necessary to comprehend the maps are included in the construction.

Reading continues to focus on fiction and fiction text structures. This will continue as we begin to write summaries and have conversations around what literary components must be included in an effective summary. Non-fiction will be sometime in January and we will begin to analyze non-fiction comprehension strategies and non-fiction text structures.

In writing, we are continuing to learn and enhance our use of narrative structures; however, we are focusing on: sentence structure, punctuation, and spelling (yikes)! Our young writers tend to go a bit too fast and we are working on quality not quantity.

We hope for you and your family the best the holidays can provide. It seems that the year has gone quickly…we have so much more to do. Happy Holidays – The Second Grade Team!

The Winter season is here! If there is any doubt if school is open PLEASE listen to your TV, phones or radios for information and updates. Also website will list closings.





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